You will receive an email confirming your application after which a 24 -36 hour window will be dedicated for information checking. Your application will be accepted once all the information is validated and a cover note will be emailed across to you.

The payment will then be confirmed after which you will receive a receipt via email.

The premium is the cost of obtaining the insurance cover that you choose. I.e. How much you actually pay for your insurance. This is the amount of money that is then considered as the income by your insurer.

Please get in touch with us immediately on 0117-666539, and we will do our best to help you

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The online insurance industry has been established in a number of regions around the world; including Asia, as a safe and efficient way of purchasing insurance. It is currently been used by over 60 % of the new motor insurance consumers in the UK while 25% of all transactions in the country are online based. Similarly, in the US 25% of all transactions are driven via online insurance. In India, online transactions account for 2.5% of general insurance and 0.6% of total insurance segment.