We believe in the importance of keeping things simple.

The service we offer is based on making the process of procuring insurance simple while giving you the ability to access multiple quotations before making a choice on your preferred policy.

We also provide a number of value added services that are exclusive to our customers via our strategic partnerships.

Yes. Whether it’s your desktop, mobile phone, or tab, Save Your Monkey will open on your usual web browser.

When a customer visits SaveYourMonkey.com they will get an initial choice on which type of insurance they want to procure. We currently provide comparisons for vehicle, travel and housing insurance online.

Once the insurance type is decided upon, the customer will be requested to complete a few data fields.

These will help us generate multiple insurance quotations from a number of insurance providers, depending on your requirement.

Subsequently, the customer will be given the chance to choose his or her preferred insurance policy and the system will alter all relevant parties to initiate the process of issuing the policy.

At Save Your Monkey, we’ve tried our best to streamline this process as much as possible. Apart from your usual personal details, you would need

For vehicle insurance

Your Vehicle Registration Number
Make, Model, and Fuel type of your vehicle
Do you have an Earned No Claims Bonus?
If not a new car, your current insurance details
Cover type you require
Voluntary Excess

Travel Insurance

A valid passport
Travel dates
Visa requirements (if obtaining for visa purposes)

After you make your choice, Save Your Monkey will start processing your policy. The specified insurance provider will be alerted about the requirement, and the relevant documents will be transferred to Save Your Monkey after all the information has been checked and confirmed. You will be sent a temporary cover note via email that will confirm that the processing of your insurance has started.

An exclusive feature of Save Your Monkey is that we deliver your policy documents right to your doorstep along with an informative product pack. This means that you will never have to leave your home to procure an insurance policy if you choose to work with us.

If you reside in Colombo, you will receive your policy documents within 7 to 11 working days. However, this may vary according to the time the insurer takes to process the policy and deliver it to Save Your Monkey.

The basic information required when applying for travel insurance is--

  • Your age
  • Your travel destination or destinations
  • Travel period
  • A health declaration (if required)

Delivery charges will depend on your location. You will be given an account of all your costs before you make the payment through the website..

You will be able to make your payments via Credit or Debit card. We currently accept VISA, Master and Amex cards.

All available payments options will be offered to you during the payment process via the website.